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The Lavigne quiz
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1. How often do you listen to avrils let go cd
A. I never listen to anything else anymore..i play it all day
B. I listen to it a lot but i listen to other stuff to
C. I have it but i never play it
D. i dont even own the thing
2. When do you talk about avril
A. To anyone that is near me all the time.. all day i dont care who it is
B. I talk about avril to people who like her
C. Just if someone talks about her to me
D. I never talk about her i only diss her
3. Do you want to dress like avril
A. Yea i buy any clothes that look like hers i dont care how much they are
B. i love the way she dressses but i dont want to look like her
C. I wear what i wanna wear i don;t want to look like her
D. I hate the way she dresses
4. how pritty do you think avril is
A. She is so gorgeous and beautifull more than anyone i know
B. She is very pritty
C. shes not bad i guess
D. i think she s ugly
5. What do you think of avrils video losing grip
A. it rocks so much i love it more than any video on tv
B. i like it a lot
C. I have seen better but its ok
D. never even seen it
6. Do you go on avril sites a lot
1. err yea its like the only sites i go on
2. quite a lot of the time but other stuff as well
3. not often here and there
4. only to go on forums and diss her
7.  do you admit you are obsessed with avril?
1. Hell yea i am proud to be obsessed with her
2. i guess a bit
3. no i am not really obsessed
4. obsessed thats like not me

Mostly A:
well done. you are a totaly devoted to avril she is smiling at you
mostly b: you do love avril a lot but
you are not overly obsessed but you do love avril
mostly c: you are not obssed but u just
like her a bit
KISS FM After Party
mostly d: get the hell out of here you evilMagazines
avril hater.. what ya doin on a avril fan site
avril is mad at you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you got a mixture: i dont know work it out !!!!!!!!! lol
how avril obsessed are you
What did you get on the avril quiz
mostly a devoted fan
mostly b . u love her but not that obsessed
mostly c. you like her a bit
mostly d. you hate avril get lost
a mixture