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Hey Guys
I am the manager of this site so if you wanna know anything about me then heres a page for it. Although you probably dont hheheh.
Well my names Louisa and i am seventeen years old and i live in england. ill post a pic of me at the bottom of this page.
I love avril and i have two websites this one is the more up to date one.
So i hope you like my site and keep checking for updates because i am going to try and make this into a really large site.
Be sure to start a topic in my message forum which is under interaction.
Thanks Everyone

My faves:
Colour: black and purple together
Food: Pizza and vannila coke mm
Movie:,uptown girls
Show: Buffy the vampire slayer, friends
Music. Avril, Greenday, blink 182 and michelle branch and lifehouse
Place: Florida

Here is a pic of me below