Avrils World- NoBoDys hOmE
Avril Facts
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:Avril just turned 19 this september 27th
: She was borm in belleville Cananda and moved to napanee Ontario when she was five
: Her fave colours are black and red
: Her fave song on let go is losing grip
:Some Artists she likes are Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182, Sum 41, System of a Down
Her family includes
Father: John Lavigne
Mother: Judy Lavigne
Brother: Matt Lavigne
Sister: Michelle Lavigne
: Avril has a dog names Sam
 Her height is 5:2
: She loves olives on her pizza
: If avril wasnt a singer she would of been a police woman
: Avril first performed in church when she was ten and she sang 'near to the heart of god'
: When Avril was little she remembers singing on her bed pretending the bed was a stage and there were thousands of people watching her.
: Avril never names herself punk its just what some people call her.
: Avril is recording her second album which is going to be a surprise she does not want to feel pressure from the media

Avril recorded a song for an album called WAR CHILD songs of peace. It raises money for the victoms of the war, the song was called knocking on heavens door

Four songs have been released from the album Let Go and they were:
Complicated, Sk8er Boi, Im with You and Losing grip

Avrils fave thing to do on her day off are to relax...watch movies, go to the spa, write.

Her fave movies are miss congeniality, the fast and the furious
Avrils sister Michelle appeared in her video Sk8er Boi, she is inthe crowd but you cant really see her very well.