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Ok every few weeks here you will find a chat transcript or interview. Hope you like them!

Stay tuned for more chats from Chart and Sympatico!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Avril says: Hey everybody, thanks for getting my music, and supporting me. you guys rock!

jygabooh: where are you right now?

->Avril replies: Im in LA

Mom_of_2_Gurlz: My daughter Em wants to know how you got started singing??

->Avril replies: church, when I was really young. I would sing at Christmas concerts.

meg: what drives u?

->Avril replies: the only reason I get through everything is because I love what Im doing

SomeGirl: When did you know this is what you wanted to do with your life? Any regrets?

->Avril replies: no there aren't any regrets, Ive know all my life that this is what Ive wanted to do. I did think about being a cop. thought that would be kind of cool

annie: have you ever died your hair a weird color?

->Avril replies: Ive never dyed my hair in my life

Rieju: Hi there...I want to wish you good luck for the Best new artist award in MTV European Music awards 2002...I have tickets for the show. Are you going to perform in it? Sorry for my English...Im from Spain ^_^

->Avril replies: Ive been doing so much stuff, I can't keep track of it. until that day when I get my schedule

melanie: hi avril I was just wondering if fame is anything like you expected it to be like?

->Avril replies: ya, quite a bit what I excepted it to be like, I think you need to know what youre getting into before you get into it

Hannah: Hey girl! You're AWESOME!! Where do you buy your make-up?

->Avril replies: I just get my make-up wherever, at drug stores. I have that stuff available to me, but I usually just go to the drug store

Dewizle: Hi there I am from kingston I was just extremely interested in you since I am from Kingston and thought that this would be a great opportunity to ask you about how you became so big so fast

->Avril replies: we're just putting the tour together now

pedro: Avril I love you, so much....do you go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

->Avril replies: when we get the tour together it'll be posted, Ive never been to Brazil

Avril says: being up on stage is the best part of being a musician. I just like being up there and singing. everything else is annoying sometime ,I just want to go on tour and sing. so whenever we do get to perform its great

Skater_from_canada: Avril, I would like to tell you that you are very pretty. I am from Canada just like you, Montreal Quebec to be exact. Who plays the guitar for your music and do they have a site?

->Avril replies: evin taubenfeld plays guitar for our band

Avril says: I don't feel pressured that Im a role model, thats not going to make me change, Im just going to keep doing what Im doing. if Im a role model then Ill be a role model for who I am

chickfeb17th: What is your fave part about being a singer?

->Avril replies: performing

Avril says: Im not writing for the next album, Im just writing for the sake of writing

Avril says: but that was when I was 14, now that Im in the industry I know all about different bands, I have a complete different taste in music now

Avril says: the music that I listen to before the album were shania twain, Dixie chicks, sum 41, just listen to whatever

Are there any particular artists that have influenced you?

Avril says: my musical influences are pretty much anyone I listen to, mostly rock, punk, emo music

Avril says: its actually raining and its cold here in LA

Avril says: ya, I'll be home for Christmas

Avril says: I was just hanging out with sum41 the other night

Avril says: I don't even wear ties anymore, I still wear the same clothes

Avril says: Im in LA right now, Im shooting my video. its the best

chickfeb17th: avril what one of your songs means the most to you? why?

->Avril replies: loosing grip because I got a lot of shit off my chest

jygabooh: Are you planning on coming out with another CD soon?

->Avril replies: we have two more singles coming of this album. still doing promotion

Casey: How does it feel to be famous?

->Avril replies: I still feel the same, I dont' feel like a different person or anything, it sucks sometimes, its alright sometimes. in my situation I have a lot of things going on, people say things that arent true, whatever, I deal with it. its cool when people come up to me and say you rock

Hannah: Hi Avril, your album is kickin!! My question for you is; Is it hard to stay yourself in the music business?

->Avril replies: maybe for some but not for me

annie: hey avril! were did your inspiration for your songs come from?

->Avril replies: they're just from high school and different things I went through

avrilwannabe: Do you miss being at home will all your friends?????

->Avril replies: I have a fan club, I answer questions from there. backbone.

Snoopy: Do you feel that your success has robbed you of the freedom that most teenagers experience before the need to be responsible and self-sufficient arises?

->Avril replies: I miss hanging out with my friends, I miss my friends, but I still see them every few months

Sk8er: hey avril I was wondering where did you put your awards

->Avril replies: not really

about.to.fall: hey! Im from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and I just wanted to say you rock! my question is when you go on tour, will you be do a lot in Canada? and if so, could you please please come to Halifax!?

->Avril replies: I havent' even got any yet, they take forever for them to send them to me. I have some hanging on the wall

RockstarDork: What do you think about Mark leaving to go back to Closet Monster?

->Avril replies: Im happy that he's going after his dreams and I wish him all the luck

Lizzie: Hey Avril, what's your favorite part of performing?

->Avril replies: I know that Ill be touring in Canada, I just don't know where yet

j10jep: What was it like growing up?

->Avril replies: the overall experience, performing is the best part about this, I just like to be on stage rocking out

pmg7: What do you find the most fun about travelling and touring? Do you like all the attention?

->Avril replies: Im from Canada, I grew up in a small town. I did a lot of singing and played a lot of sports

Hannah: Hi Avril, I think you rock! How was your trip to Stockholm, Sweden?

->Avril replies: well its really cool that Im travelling, I get to see different countries, it really fun and a lot of work but I Like it

J_Test01: Hi Avril

->Avril replies: it was good, my first time there, I didn't really get to see much of Sweden but it was good

Avril is going to give one last comment

It's 7:30 folks!