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Meeting Avril
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Meeting avril

and i will submit your pics or experience and you will be fully credited
heya EVERYONE!!!!! yes i saw AVRIL LAST NITE!!!!
i saw her at Brixton Adacdey in London England and she KICKED ASS!!!!!!!
the atmosphere was FANTASTIC!!!!!!
all my limbs in my body are all numb and im v v tired!!! lol but HELL it was worth it!!!!
i started at the bac wen the support Our Lady Peace were on and i got pushed and pulled
i was two lines from the front wen out of nowhere one of the surcrity grabed my hand and pulled me out  ( i was like arrrrgghhh what is happening???!!! and the guy thought i was getting badly squashed which i was but who wouldnt if u were 5"3 (same as Avril!!) and was surrounded by 10" GUYS!!!!! lol)
after all that i was put bac down the side miles away from the middle at the front.... wait it got better.....someone behind me was pushing i got pushed into this girl (bout 20) and she was like what the f**k u pushing 4 and i was i didnt then.....SHE PUNCHED ME!!!!??? i was like HELLO!!!
apart from all that it was my first ever gig with lots and lots of memories
oh also a guy STREAKED across the stage and Avril was laughing and she linked Naked in after that which was soooo funny!
she looked really fine!!!!!!! if i may ask....i took some pics hope they are ok???
i cant wait till she comes bac...shes playing again tonite for her last nite in London before going to my home city of Toronto!!!!!!

April 27th, 2003- The day of her concert.

Ok. I got at the Memorial Coliseum like at 3:15pm. Went over to the Z100 booth...not many people there yet. They were giving away Backstage Passes, where you had to have tickets to the show to get the Pass also they had Meet And Greet Passes, where you didn't have to have ticket already. I worked really hard on my T-Shirt. It was all neon colors. Had one-hundred Zs on it. Also, I had a neon banner with all the Z100 Djs. Sad to say, I did not get to Meet her. I wanted to soooooooooooooo bad, that's one of the reasons I wanted to go. They also did drawings for Meet And Greet Passes. Aswell as Backstage Passes. These crazy bastard, annoying fans they painted stuff on their skin. It was a guy and girl. They kept blocking my view by the Z100 booth. I was upfront. Then like 30 minutes later. I was kinda in the back. When I got there around 3:15pm I was up in front. Those two fans didn't have any tickets...they were about to win. It was the audience who got to scream who should win. I didn't scream for them. they had pissed me off. They were soooo annoying. Hahaha they didn't get to go to her concert. Also, this little girl who had won a drawing for Backstage Passes, well, you had to have your own tickets to get the Backstage Passes. So, then this 18-20 year old guy gave her a ticket so she could get the B/S Passes, but she actually didn't. Cause CK said he had to make it fair for everyone. Plus, this other little girl got to Meet Avril Lavigne.

Soon on, the show started at 7:50pm. I was originally scheduled for 8:00pm. The band GOB came on first. I didn't really like them. Lol, but they threw atleast 8 Drumsticks out in the crowd...one of the guitarist was throwing up ice cubes and catching them into his mouth then spitting them out in the crowd. GOB thew some guitar picks out in the crowd too. Plus, they threw some of their water bottles out in the crowd and their towels lol. That band cusses a lot. Lol the lead singer said, I want you to say "ya ya! Then, he said I want you to say "Shut the **** up!". The crowd did indeed repeat what he said. Lastly, it was their other guitarist that slit his guitar on the stage and then ran and jumped and slid on it lol.
- GOB did an Autograph signing when they were done on-stage.

Next, Simple Plan went on. They were sure better than GOB. Anyway, they threw some Drumsticks, towels, and water bottles out in the crowd. Lol it was funny cause they sang "Lose Yourself" by Eminem and "In Da Club" by 50 Cent. Also, Simple Plan did an Autograph signing too when they were done on-stage.

Finally! It was time that Avril Lavigne had took the stage! The lights went down...then the bright red star had come on...the words "Try To Shut Me Up" came up as a shadow on the black curtins (that was the name of her tour) the black curtins had moved off the stage...they had the screens for people who couldnt see good...and there it was...Avril Lavigne who opened up with Sk8er Boi. Note: The opening acts didn't get the full stage like her...only half of the stage they got. Ok, anyway she sang ALL her songs off the "Let Go" album. Plus more songs too! She sang "Knockin On Heavens Door". When her and Evan were singing and playin acoustic guitar together for that song, on the stools. Lol Evan said in the mic like 1 minute into the song, "Oops, I broke my guitar", so they had to go and replace it real quick. Avril played guitar 3 or 4 times. She played Electric during Complicated I think. But holy sh*t she f*cken rocked!!! She was sooooooo good and great Live!!! I listened to guitar and loud drumming for 3 hours. It was sooooooooooo loud!!! Like I couldn't even hear myself talk. Lol I noticed when Evan was playin his guitar, his cord fell out then he had to plug it back in real quick. My favorite sons she performed were "Nobody's Fool" and "Losing Grip". Those are great songs! Right before she sang "Too Much To Ask", she said "This is a song about a summer crush where a guy said he would call, but didn't, he was a d*ck and a half" Lol I was like go Avril!. Also, in the show at some point, she said "What the ****?!?" lol. I had the best time of my life! I had great seats too! Also, I took some pictures too! During the song Complicated, she picked 3 fans out of the audience. Two guys and one girl were picked. Lol the girl didn't even know the words to it. Then both of the guys got to sing backup vocals too. One of the guys, Avril told him to come over "here" so then he sat no top of one of the speakers that was reachable full Avril to get on. So, Avril got on top of this guys back for like 2 mintutes...it was way cool! Lol Avril also, introduced her band. Matt was lookin hot and so was Evan. Evan was wearing a pair of jeans and a green shirt. Matt wasnt wearing anything but a pair of boxers/shorts...no shirt or shoes...socks...nothin. I love Evan! Avril was wearing a khaki colored shirt that said "Double Trouble" in brown lettering and there was a picture of something. She was wearing a pair of green pants and black Converse shoes. I forgot was Charlie...their bassist was waering. During the show too, she introduced all her bandmates to the crowd. The thing that was really cool was that she was singing all over the stage. She wasn't just in 1 spot the whole time. Lol it was so f*cken crazy and fun! I didn't expect it to be that loud. Lol Avril would be runnin and jumpin up and down all the time. During the song "Anything But Ordinary" in the chorus part, her two guitarist and bassist jumped all up at the same time...it was cool. I actually got her hot guitar player Evan's attention. I was like screamin and yellin at him. He was like "Me?" I was laughin and smiling at him...he was yellin "Rock on!" to me. He actually interacted witht he crowd a lot. Charlie, Evan, Jesse and Avril all did. Except her Drummer...which he really cant. Avril came onto both sides of the stage a lot! Runnin and jumpin up and down. One on each side, they had these things as tall as the stage where she would step out on them to see her fans/crowd better. Also there was one by Evan where it went off on the side...not infront where Avril stepped out to. But Evan got up on the thing that went out from the stage of the side and was yellin and giving the fans "Rock on!" symbol with his fingers. Lol he's so hot! She'd occasionally laugh and talk with the crowd. She let us sing part of I'm With You. Onstage, about half-way through the show Avril and her band threw and kicked Beach balls out in the crowd. At then end of the last song, Blue glitter confetti came falling down from the lights. It was sooooo cool! Did I mention Evan threw his guitar pick out in the crowd? Jesse threw is water bottle and towel out in the crowd? It was sooo much fun and crazy! During some songs she really got the crowd goin and tellin them to jump...lol then Avril, Jesse, Evan, and Charlie were all jumpin up and down at the same time.

I'm sure you are all wondering about what this crazy fand did. Well, in the first couple of songs Avril sang, this guy some how manged to get onstage and he yelled somethin in the mic. I thought it was all planned, but it wasnt. The Security guards were wrestlin around with him...teyin to get him off...they did, then they kicked him out.

At the concert, the sold a whole bunch of stuff of her. Like Jackets, different kind of Sweatshirts, Baseball Tees, T-Shirts, Wristbands, Stickets, Avril beanies and more. I got an Avril beanie.

Anywho, that's what happened at the concert. It was the best concert I've ever seen! Even though it was sooooooo loud, it was great! Her voice was really good. She did a damn good job of it. She is soooooo f*cken great Live! Omg, I just can't describe how great she was!!! It was sooooo amazing!!! I was freakin out when she came on. I was like "Omg, it's Avril Lavigne!" I couldnt even imagine how close I was too her. This is my first time seeing her Live INconcert. It is also is her first North American Tour. Lol every single time Avril coems here, I'm deffinately going to her concert no matter what! Hopefully next time I'll be able to Meet her.

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